13 August 2011

A willow tree: Since thou canst no longer stay...

On a recent trip to Sharp Cemetery, I spotted the only example of willow iconography I have seen in central Texas.

Willow tree images on gravestones are less common in this corner of the world than in others, possibly that's because willow trees themselves are less common in this corner of the world, making them a less relevant symbol for most people.

It seems worth pointing out that sheep are also not terribly common here (though not especially rare), but the weight of religious discourse behind the lamb symbolism ensures its relevance and hence its common presence on gravestones even here.

This gravestone also has one of the sweetest and saddest epitaphs I have ever read.

Wife Of
Aug. 13, 1835
Dec. 27, 1890.

Since thou canst no longer stay
To cheer me with thy love
I hope to meet with thee again
In your bright world above.

Her husband is buried beside her.

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