13 August 2011

Not going out for a while

Since central Texas is rapidly approaching a record for the most consecutive days of temperatures over a hundred degrees, and since something is wrong with my left eye that makes it photosensitive and eager to avoid dust and debris, I'm taking a brief hiatus from cemetery outings until the weather cools, my eye problem resolves, or I just can't stand the temptation anymore.

This annoys me somewhat, because I've been in the process of photographing Sharp Cemetery, which is a really nice spot with a lot of really great iconography and some interesting local history; I had initially decided to break the project up into multiple short trips in deference to the heat; this is still the plan, it's just been delayed a bit.

I gathered enough material on previous visits for a few posts here, though, and while I was unable to fulfill the two Find-A-Grave requests that drew me there to begin with, I did manage to find a few stones that didn't have photos up on the site yet (evidently no one had gotten around to asking for them yet, is all), so I'll be posting those in a little bit, too, as long as my ability to stare at a glowing screen and my husband's willingness not to draft me into helping him glue models together holds out.

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